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2022 is coming soon, and for many small business owners in Central Pennsylvania, social selling will be a BIG focus for the New Year. They've realized that social media is a GOLD MINE of opportunity, the challenge is, how do you mine the gold out of it? Well, to help, Ruff House Marketing is going to share with you a few key social selling statistics that you and your employees NEED to know. Numbers don't lie, and whilst I'm not going to suggest statistics and data give a clear truth, they do give us strong insights that can help us make smarter actions. – Ruff House Marketing

• 92% of buyers are willing to engage with an industry thought leader (LinkedIn Insight 2021)

If you or your team are NOT building personal brands, now is the time to start. No more thinking about it, no more talking about it, now is the time to start doing it. 92% of buyers are willing to engage with an industry thought leader (BE THE EXPERT!) is a huge statistic and shows the value of you position yourself as the expert.

Here are the 3 simple steps to building a personal brand on social media:

1) Start growing your network on a daily/weekly basis

2) Start sharing content at least 2-3 times per week

3) Start commenting on 3-5 industry posts every few days

Get your name out there on a regular basis is one of the key components but the most important part is to give VALUE 99% of the time. Share insights, knowledge, experience etc. I can’t stress it enough, BE THE EXPERT but BE AUTHENTIC! BE YOU!

• Did you know that 88% of business owners are NOT sending audio and/or video messages on social media to prospects and customers? (LinkedIn poll)

Audio and video messaging is still so new for most business owners, but as we go into 2022 it has never been more important to start leveraging it before it’s too late and EVERYONE is using it. Put it this way, imagine being one of the first salespeople to make cold calls?! Here are some of my top tips on sending effective audio and video messages:

  • Keep them short and sweet (30-60 seconds).
  • Think about tone – Be authentic!
  • Make the message about them.
  • Make sure lighting/background is good for video.

• 90% of decision makers say they NEVER respond to cold calls (InsideView)

Look, Ruff House Marketing is not sharing this statistic to “bash” cold calling. It still works, and while you might look at this with a 90% don’t respond, you could also look at it like 10% DO respond. That being said… Even if 10% do respond, 90% don’t and so there is a LOT of opportunity waiting to be had on social medial platforms. Don’t miss out on that 90%, start converting some of it by using social media.

• 31% of business owners report building DEEPER relationships with clients with social media selling! (CSO Insights and Seismic)

Imagine a place where you could give value to your prospects and customers every single day, or multiple times per week? That’s social media. When you’re sharing good valuable content on a regular basis you’re helping build and strengthen relationships. You can then take it to the next level by engaging on THEIR content as well. Not only that, but you can build deeper relationships by LEARNING more about them through the gold mine of information that exists on their social profiles.

• 75% of B2B & B2C buyers are influenced by social media (Accenture's State of Procurement Study)

  • Social media is influencing B2B and B2C buyers which is why it has never been more important or valuable for you and your employees to be active, but you need to be active in the RIGHT way.

    • Not sending spammy messages.
    • Not just re-sharing the company blog.

    But by building your own personal brands, becoming industry relevant thought leaders (BE THE EXPERT!), by sharing GOOD valuable content and influencing their prospects in the right way.

• 64% of people generate NO leads from their social media content (LinkedIn poll)

  • This statistic scares me… 64% of people generating NO leads from social media, whilst some generate many (some even generate ALL their leads) on social media platforms. A lot of this boils down to 2 things:

    1) Using social media, the RIGHT way.

    2) Using social media consistently.

• 26% of people have LinkedIn constantly open at work (LinkedIn Poll)

  • Not only that, but 52% of people check social media 3-10+ times per day as well! It basically shows just how active, and consistently active, people are on social media platforms. Your prospects and customers might have their favorite social media platform open all day, or they might be checking it multiple times throughout the day. If you’re not sharing content, if you’re not actively engaging or if you’re not sending messages, they won’t see you. 2022 needs to be the year you and your employees start being active on social media.

• Sharing PHOTOS increases comment rate on LinkedIn by 98% (HubSpot)

There are few key things I want to highlight with this one:

  • Sharing photos, especially photos of you, helps build your personal brand and helps people get to know you.
  • Generating more comments means your content is reaching even more people.
  • Getting more engagement on your content will help build your personal brand.
  • More engagement can also increase inbound lead generation.

This doesn’t mean that you ONLY share photos, variety is important. But 1-2 times per week can have a big impact on your overall social media results.


These statistics and facts should highlight just how BIG the opportunity is on social media and how many business owners aren’t utilizing it. To then see that so many local small businesses aren’t training their people to use it properly is very scary! This is where Ruff House Marketing can help. We can schedule a (virtual or physical) meeting, we can deliver private training or consulting for any size business. We are here to make your 2022 and beyond successful.


Ruff House Marketing 12/2/2021